Abit and the Web of Freedom

Abit and the Web of Freedom

The story Abit and the Web of Freedom brings forward a vision of Africa (Alkebulan) where African heritage, embodied by her peoples, realises visionary leadership as - The Most Excellent Custodians of Earth

This epic story navigates several interesting themes at their intersection as defined in this science futures story; African cosmology, the soil covenant; the importance of soil and minerals, entrapments of mineral mining, web3 technology and the principle of the original ledger, new ideas on land custodianship and centrally a high value of STEM from an African place of Being.

This animation audiobook is underpinned by the Unifiedknowledge approach to education, which brings a strong flow of STEM insight from an African place of being; science, technology, engineering and maths in the context of African cultural arts; in our traditions, storytelling is vital in the transition of knowledge and insight for future generations.

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Abit and the Web of Freedom

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