The Alkebulan Metaverse is a web3 (cryptoasset) augmented learners' cooperative.  

The Alkebulan Network-State is the broader envisioned environment that the Metaverse serves.  This website is the Media Service for the State; LIKE & SHARE, CHAT & LEARN - Connect, to the soil in new and deeper ways.  Follow all our media.

The Mission of the Alkebulan Metaverse is to provide a portal and resources that develop Knowledge, Insight, Competencies, Abilities and Skills  (KICAS) in soil science and soil custodianship in those citizens, who decide to build the responsibility of honouring The Alkebulan Soil Covenant.

As our citizens’ KICAS grows our mission is to empower, aligned with The Alkebulan Soil Covenant, beneficial and productive influence in all regions of the world.  We are working towards the maintenance and where needed re-establishment of healthy soil; proven healthy by the living vibrancy and integrity of its expressed Web6 Functions; quality assured by our citizens’ consensus:

  1. soil types; sand, clay & silt
  2. minerals
  3. microbes
  4. light
  5. water
  6. temperature

Alkebulan Network-State

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