[Web6Function] Soil Covenant

[Web6Function] Soil Covenant

                         The Alkebulan Soil Covenant


You who have come this far to read this document are most welcome: Seek further still to enter into agreement to undertake development of the necessary insight to end our collective alienation from our original relationship with the earth.

This document is originally referred to in the account given by Chief Scribe- a custodian of the Records of Maat and Guardian of the Ba. It is an essential feature of the first story of the Alkebulan Metaverse chronicles. It is recorded here in full for the benefit of all future generations.

The context which created the necessity for this document was one of widespread global ecological destruction, now commonly referred to as The Age of the Great Maafa. The clarity of insight that brought about its articulation marked the beginning of the Age of Global Correction.

The right choices must be made by all people, individually and collectively in order to undo the great harm accomplished through the systematic exploitation of this benefice upon which our life depends- our global soils.