[Web6Function] Restructuring Reality

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Restructuring Reality through telling Stories

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This article will discuss:

How telling stories is being used to create an entirely different way to navigate Reality that leverages technological developments in the space of web 3 to introduce impactful change in the physical world.

A story within a story

“When it’s hard to imagine a place of escape from the dominating reality- a way out that could give justice to dreams of a world that is quite different from how it is now, it helps to be able to tell stories”

As of March 2023 a new Metaverse will be born on web 3. This new metaverse will open up portals of engagement and science learning for countless untapped minds around the globe, whose genius potential, perspectives and life knowledge are still mostly under utilized. The engagement of this untapped mind power is essential to creating impactful changes in the way we relate to the natural world. The urgent needs of our times demand that all willing minds are engaged.

This is one of many stories that are linked to The Alkebulan Metaverse.

The story continues…

To enter the metaverse is to pass through a portal into another dimension- the dimension of Mind. It will be a place to go to in order to experience “Flow”, to get things done and then to exit in order to make change happen in the physical world.

At the center of the Alkebulan Metaverse is “The Alkebulan Soil Covenant”. It exists as a real document. It has a Purpose that is inter- generational and global and it too is linked to a story.

The soil covenant is mentioned in The first story of the Alkebulan Metaverse. The Narrator relates the circumstances of an earth that has experienced ecological destruction of a scale and magnitude, similar to that which is occurring presently here in this time.

The population slowly becomes awake to the scale of the destruction that has occurred. It is at this point that certain wise Beings amongst the population realize the necessity for the creation of a covenant with the soil.

The covenant would henceforth place upon every generation in perpetuity the solemn obligation of ensuring that all developments in their technology were harmonized with the pre-existing advanced technology of Life- specifically, the life supporting web 6 functions of the planet’s soils.

The establishment of  a soil covenant signaled the beginning of a new age, “The age of Global Correction”.

Key features of the soil covenant include not only recognition of its direct benefits to present and future generations of Humanity, but also recognizes its value as a store of wealth in its own right, identified within the story as the soil’s “web 6 functions”. There is also a strong value placed upon observation of cultural integrities and in the practice of Ngoma.

In the story it was through the Ngoma dance that the gathered council were able to gain the deep comprehension and insights needed to inform the work of healing the terrible wound that had been inflicted upon the earth.

Ngoma is a practice that has been in existence amongst many peoples throughout time. It connects people to their culture and to their ancestral lands. It is supposed that there are many forms of Ngoma practiced in cultures around the world. Their value was recognised in the story with the name “Earth dance”.

Telling stories rather than cold facts

Telling stories to relate facts is a tradition that is engaged in by peoples all around the world. It transmits values, culture, ways of Being as well as the “facts”, which can be grasped by minds of all ages and stages of learning maturity.

It is no surprise that  the Royal Continent, birth-place of humanity and civilisation, has a rich and long tradition of story-telling. There, the griot is the king of the art form. Contemporary expressions continue to be celebrated at the International Festival of Storytelling, which is held annually in Sierra Leone.

Around the world storytelling has functioned as a tool for embedding values and passing forward knowledge within cultures. The best told stories communicate facts by engaging the imagination of the listener, enhancing the ability to absorb and recall details. A story might have an underlying message, with lessons, which can inform expectations and the personal choices to be made by those who hear.

Amongst the many possible outcomes of the metaverse, it seems that it is developing utility as a new way to engage the ancient art of storytelling. Alongside developments in neuro-sensory immersive features, the metaverse has the potential to bring billions of uniquely distinct minds into a space in which minds can merge in immersive shared experiences.

The metaverse could find practical use as a way to focus countless minds living under different conditions to the necessity to act cooperatively, collectively and meaningfully in response to reversing Mankind's impacts upon the natural environment. This is essentially the story unfolding within the story of the Alkebulan Metaverse.

You might be at this stage wondering how it is possible to accomplish focusing and alignment of so many minds around addressing the environmental issues of the day. This is discussed further in The Unrealised Potential of the Metaverse and NFTs.

Stories that facilitate a state of cooperative “Flow”

The need for everyone to be part of “saving the planet” seems obvious and yet, as was the case in the Alkebulan metaverse story, progress is grindingly slow. The need for all to be included and for everybody to be involved in this urgent work, has been a much repeated theme of various United Nations organs.

In the case of digesting the realities of climate change and of ecological destruction, stories can help with assimilating facts, such that the mind does not shut down in overwhelm.  Constructive thinking can be supported by narratives that allow listeners to identify with the characters who collectively save the day.

There is much need for character heroes and sheroes. We will need them psychologically in order to face the facts. The facts, when laid bare in relation to the world’s soils, are very, very sobering.

They are like ice cold water running down One's back. They are the facts of “soil destruction”, “encroaching desertification”, “climate change”, invasive salination and other similarly gloomy wake up calls- all demanding that we collectively focus and change our ways. The facts remind us that progress is not progress if it leads us down the road to our own ultimate demise.

Telling stories can relocate the pain of blame and legacy away from the center and slightly to the side, so that Attention can remain laser focussed upon the work of creating a flow of absorbing and productive exchanges around preserving the wealth of the soil with all its benefits to life.

The metaverse is a space that can offer the possibility of creating another dimension of “collective Mind”, in which new levels of cooperation become possible. The technical capability now exists for global participation in massive engagements that create a flow around common interests and themes.

In his in-depth work “Network State” Balaji Srinivasan has proposed how people can self organize into network state complexity using web 3 based institutions to accomplish real world impacts.
Meanwhile, back in the physical world…

There are many converging initiatives and technologies that are making their presence felt on web 3.

Organized communities such as RegenerativeFinance.com are championing an area of sustainable economics called ReFi. Others such as Regan Network, Earthbanc.io, Shamba Network are using blockchain technology and native tokenomics to inform systems of validation and carbon crediting, thereby introducing much needed rehabilitation into the domains of global economics.

These too represent stories about how collectives are leveraging technological developments in coordinated outputs that give us reason not to give up hope.

To continue the journey into hopeful action you can search the work of the initiatives and communities mentioned in this article. To do so is action and perhaps a movement towards personal involvement in our own age of Global Correction.

To learn more about how to become part of this ground breaking work of 5th dimension web 3 institution building Visit: https://port.alkebulanmeta.network/