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The Unrealised Potential of the Metaverse and NFTs

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Interesting use cases examples for NFTs and the metaverse

This article explores ideas around a use case where: NFTs are being used as a new form of passport, to “token-gate” access into a metaverse. This space will be about developing and harnessing the collective mind power of individuals, in order to accomplish organized, environmentally beneficial impacts around the globe.

The Metaverse: A doorway into a 5th dimension ?

“Imagine the metaverse as a portal into a 5th dimension- the dimension of Collective Mind power and shared imagination… If well nurtured, it will become possible to collectively visualize in new and enhanced ways, bringing into reality the conditions necessary to heal our Mother Earth”.

In Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic “Dune”, he describes the circumstances that enable the normal barriers between individual minds to be temporarily dismantled. In this instance it was brought on by drinking a powerful psychedelic that enabled individuals to have an experience of Collective mind awareness.

In another scene in the novel, there is a reference made to an addictive form of music, able to take the listener into a drug-like state of euphoria, so entirely captivating and immersive that it took an antidote to come out of the mind state.

In both instances, it seems that the strong need for the people to become absent from reality, was because their existence as described in the novel “Dune”, a desert planet, was so awful.

It is a possibility that the metaverse could be aligned towards this kind of use in some terrible version of a not so distant future- particularly if the natural systems responsible for so much of what gives people a sense of pleasure and wellbeing continues to be destroyed as if there is a spare planet for us all to go live on... The context of such criminal destruction could very well feed the necessity for ever increasing ways to escape from it.

Immersing oneself in the metaverse, need not however be about escape from a horrible reality. Afterall, the natural Earth is still beautiful.

Escape could be about entering a separate dimension of space, in order to become inspired, to learn, to develop knowledge, to grow ideas… and test solutions.

This alternative dimension could be host to lots of spaces  where it would be possible to experience a state of “Flow” and to develop flows of cooperative thinking- and even eventually, to develop a state of Collective Mind around a shared role.

The metaverse seems a natural context in which to make this a reality.  How might this be experienced ?

By way of a visual analogy, think about the individual mind as a fractal of a collective mind. The individual intelligence develops itself and in so doing benefits the collective, meta Intelligence.

Visualize how fishes move in a school. Think about how birds fly in group formations. How do they do it ? It is a marvel to observe, because neither birds, nor fish can be said to “think” in the sense that people can think and yet they accomplish synchronicity of action as if the individual is not an individual within a collective of individuals, but rather for the period of time in which they are moving together, they are acting as a single entity.

In the Alkebulan Metaverse story there is a scene in which a manifestation of well organized Consciousness descends upon three unwitting inhabitants. Moving in their formations with perfect coordination as if they are a single Will, they surround each of the three, isolating them within their own cuboid structure that is created by the body of each of the individual units of Intelligence.

The cuboid structure is a tool used to free the Mind to the realization of new insights- it is the “Mantis Memory Matrix”.

The stage is now set for a monumental battle in the skies above to bring the 3 young people into an awareness of the Principles that underpin the true Nature of Reality, thereby freeing their enslaved minds.

Any individual who enters the Alkebulan metaverse may do so with an intention to meet like minds. They might choose to come as their own physical world identity, or they might also opt to present as their NFT character-Id.

Everyone who enters the metaverse for the first time is “born”. They will have their own goals for being Present in addition to investing their character in the learning necessary for fulfilling the collective role of most excellent steward of the world’s soils. How might this manifest ?

NFTs as multi-functional passport

There are many ideas circulating around NFTs as a representation of art or as a form of ticket or pass enabling degrees of access to potentially iconic events. These NFTs might at some later point have some sort of collector or memorabilia value. Therefore, purchasing any particular NFT at present is highly speculative. Basically, people who purchase NFTs need to have good personal reasons for parting with their cash.

One of the interesting potentials of NFTs is that they can serve multiple utility functions, that can offer different types of value proposition- not necessarily as purely financial value.

In the case of the Alkebulan Metaverse, the NFTs represent the actual people or citizens. Put another way, they represent the life that “seeds” the Metaverse.

The NFTs themselves are iconic and distinctive. They are the means by which a person in the physical world can be “born” into the 5th dimension of the metaverse. Like real birth- it involves a process. It is a significant event.

Each NFT represents a unique Character-identity (CharacterId) which can be developed by the owner. One of its functions is to operate as a passport enabling access to multiple exclusive spaces.

The NFTs also function as a store of value derived from life energy and work done- meaning, value can be attached to an NFT derived from the owner’s efforts to build up their CharacterId. This represents a radically different approach to the current focus of attention towards NFTs, moving beyond and leaving behind, purely speculative purchasing towards an offer to buy into its enhanced potential for providing personal utility.

The NFTs in the current collection all have the power to be born and equally they can “die” and be “reborn” again. (This is what will occur at the point when the NFT ceases to belong to the original owner and it passes into different ownership).

The works and accomplishments that are attached to the NFT, belong to the owner who creates them through some form of verifiable credential. However, there are currently some very interesting discussions ongoing around NFT “rebirth" (meaning, when an NFT that is sold takes on life under a different owner); “ancestralisation” and “ancestry” (meaning, the history attached to the NFT itself)- especially if a CharacterId distinguishes itself, creating its own fan base.

Only time will tell how those who enter the metaverse in its 1st naturalization phase, will run with these ideas.

Pseudonomynous IDs

Why the need for pseudonomynous IDs ?

Firstly, a brief foray into the world media from any place in the world, will quickly remind us that we are living in an age still dominated by the gun. Arguments continue to be settled by who has the biggest gun- and is most prepared to use it. A lamentable fact of life, that underlines the lowest common denominator of behavior for negotiating social change.

Secondly, we are living in an age of high tech curtain twitchers, in which personal data is just another form of commodity for selling.

A pseudonymous ID is very useful for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with terrorism or organized crime and everything to do with holding on to the gift of personal privacy.

Pseudonymisation is a way of removing from data all personal identifying information that could be used to link a piece of data to an individual person.

What the recipient receives is the data stripped of any personal information, for example the name, address, date of birth- things like that- in fact anything that could be used to reveal someone’s personal identity. In place of any personal information is a code that is used as the identifier for the data. It helps to protect personal privacy online and contributes to security.

The possibility for personalities to operate through pseudonymous ids can be viewed as analogous to writers who create under a pseudonym.

The hiding of one’s physical identity from their creative outputs, allows the opportunity to interact with other minds differently- perhaps, more cooperatively. A person can interact as a character divorced from established physical world hierarchies, caste systems and other factors that create obstacles to creating much needed global cooperation.

There can be a flow of engagement in all directions that revolve around cooperative thinking for nurturing organized, intelligent actions.

A value for cooperative thinking

The work of nurturing a truly collective Mind, requires an appreciation for the value of cooperative thinking. It generates its own language of cooperation. This takes practice, but it’s necessary to meet the challenges of our Times.

The potential rewards are tremendous.

It is impossible at this early stage to speculate as to the unknowable benefits of bringing minds together in a space of cooperation in ways that are impossible to realize in the dimension of the physical world.

In the physical world minds often never connect, simply because they exist in physical manifestations of the body that exclude by default depending on the circumstance.

Even those who would consider themselves enemies in the dimension of the physical world, could potentially work together in the metaverse…

The power of Identity status

The device of story is playing a tremendous role in the unfolding creation of the Alkebulan Metaverse. Read more about it in Restructuring Reality through telling Stories

In the first story of the Alkebulan Metaverse, the people begin to gain insights to their problems and they battle to develop the character necessary to the work of delivering their minds from a condition of alienation from its natural self and innate power- a battle every individual there must win, in order to be an active player in The Age of Global Correction.

Fortunately, in the story, the more who succeeded to prevail in their personal battle, the greater was the overall momentum towards the collective insight, which brought forward solutions.

All learners are teachers

“Do not inflate your ego on account of your learning,

Nor drive your mind behind this or that teacher.

Inquire of the unlearned as well as the learned.

The pinnacle of an art is never attained ”

-Translated extract from the “Instructions of Ptah Hotep”.

“We do not expect to ever perfect the art of cooperative learning, only to improve in our ability to learn how best to pass it on”.

Learning is an inter-generational activity across space and time. The particular nature of the soil covenant, which is intended to exist in perpetuity, places particular value on learning that involves inter- generational sharing of knowledge.

The role of the NFT CharacterId and the option for masking one’s true identity allows for the flow of knowledge to be in any direction, according to individual desires to develop their CharacterId and science knowledge of the soil. Those who engage, can engage within the CharacterId, creating value for self and other- the point is that all learners are teachers.

Ultimately, we can never expect to accomplish the pinnacle of our art of cooperative learning and collective thinking. Our effort is to pass forwards knowledge that will allow people to integrate human technologies so that they function in harmony with the pre-existing advanced technology that is Life- particularly the life supporting web 6 functions of the global soils.

Hear for yourself the full Alkebulan Metaverse story “Abit and the web of freedom” or otherwise explore in more depth this exciting innovation in education and the metaverse.